Web Scriber

A simple text console running in the browser. Open https://scriber.toto.io/?key=<key>&secret=<secret>.

You need to specify key and secret of the TotoObject. Optional query params are:

name description examples default
fs font size 1.4em, 16px 1em
fc font color red, #00ff00 #000
ff font family Roboto, Open Sans monospace
bgc background color white, #ffffff #fff
title Html title (is shown in the tab) your title Toto web scriber
sh show header 0, 1 1

A nerdy green font on black background would be like this: https://scriber.toto.io/?sh=0&fs=1.4em&fc=%2300c200&bgc=black&title=hello%20world&key=<key>&secret=<secret>.


A # is encoded as %23 in an url.

Payload definition

Send commands and write out text on the screen. Commands start with a $.

Currently the following commands are supported:

name description
$clear Clears the screen.
$text All following lines until a new command is found are written to the screen line by line. You can customize the how each text is rendered by adding options behind a |.
  fc: font color
  ff: font family
  fs: font size
  bgc: background color


Clears the screen:


Prints text to the screen:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, 
consectetur adipiscing elit, 
sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt 
ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Prints text to the screen using variables:

Hi {{i:username}},
you now have {{i:score}} points ;-)

More advanced example with text options customizing the first line completely

Hi {{i:username}},

you now have {{i:score}} points ;-)